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End of Year Message

I start year 6, I think it’s fitting to look back over the last year. The Pre-Trial Fairness Act (Elimination of cash bail), the Protect Illinois Communities Act (Assault Weapons Ban), and the border crisis in Texas made its way to our state.

 I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the Grundy County Board, our local Mayor’s, Police Chief’s, and more importantly our citizens for sending a strong message of our valued beliefs here in Grundy County.

Your message is more resound today than ever before, don’t bring that mess to Grundy County. Our Deputy’s began training in P.I.T (Pursuit Intervention Technics) as we continue to see an increase in fleeing and eluding police. Our deployment of Stop Sticks (Tire deflation device) continues as a useful tool to bring pursuits to an end. The use of LPR’s (License Plate Reader) technology is proving to be a valuable tool in apprehending those who conduct criminal activity in Grundy County.

The Grundy County Pro-Active Unit continues to make a significant difference not only in taking illegal guns and drugs off the street but allows for a focused effort on combatting criminal activity in Grundy County. Police command staff from across Grundy County meet monthly to go over statistics, crime trends, problem areas, and formulate a plan to address those concerns.

Despite Illinois soft on crime stance, rest assured the men and women serve Grundy County with a determination like never before. We will continue to do our part to ensure Grundy County continues and remains a safe place to work and call home.

I am proud to serve alongside the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and look forward to the year ahead.