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Sheriff Update 2/16/22

Over the next several weeks I will be sending out updates on accomplishments made in 2019 in an attempted to keep my supporters informed of changes made in the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office.

2019 Accomplishments

Increase in Training

A 2019 assessment of training records led to the need for increased training within the patrol division, investigations division, and corrections division. The assessment indicated many employees were not up to date on legislative mandates and legislative changes.

We chose not to renew our contract with the Police Law Institute to save an annual cost of approximately $2600.00. Police Law’s Web Based training, unfortunately, did not meet many of the state mandates that are required by law enforcement personnel. Deputies and Correctional Officers will still utilize on-line training methods to help reduce the overall cost of annual training, however, will now be training under the Illinois Executive Training Institute under the governance of the Illinois State Police Training Board. This is a free website, offering on-line mandated training to law enforcement agencies. Approximately 65% of all state mandated training can be completed through the Illinois Executive Institute.

In-house Instructors – To minimalize the overtime costs related to training; several employees have attended instructor training courses and were certified as instructors in 2019. Having in-house instructors will allow employees to train during scheduled working hours, provide access to updated training, and allow more employees to be trained at any given time.

In house Instructors-
Standard Field Sobriety Testing – Sgt. Josh Slattery
Control Tactics – Sgt. Jason Cory, Deputy Greg Struck
Oleo capsicum Spray, Expandable Baton – Sgt. Jason Cory
Less Than Lethal Use of Force – Sgt. Brett Black
Active Shooter Threat Instructors –  Sgt Brett Black, Deputy Aaron Cory
Critical Incident Trainer – Sgt. RH Coleman

Training Continued:

Approximately 2910 hours were conducted on training for Sheriff’s Office employees. This is a 276% increase in training hours compared to 773 hours in 2018.

Implementation of 2 Officer jail transport unit

A major Officer safety issue was addressed and rectified with the implementation of a two Officer requirement for all jail transports. By restructuring shift assignments of the current Officers, a full-time transport unit was implemented. The transport unit has eliminated the overtime from previous years that was generated from having to call in additional personnel.

Drone Footage Capability Program/ Pix 40

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Office sent three deputies to drone aviation pilot licensing school. The Deputies successfully completed the training and are now certified, licensed to use the drones. The drones have already proved beneficial as they have been used on accident scenes, hazmat spills, reports of a missing/suicidal subject and for public safety messages.

Satellite Offices

Satellite offices are being utilized in the event a deputy has a victim or complainant they need to speak to away from the scene or the individual’s residence. This has also proven beneficial for those who are unable to drive to the Sheriff’s Office. The establishment of our satellite offices was met without hesitation by individuals offering up their facilities for our use.

Satellite offices are now located at the following locations:
Minooka Fire Station 2, on US RT 6
Coal City Fire Station 2, 1455 S Berta road Coal City
South Wilmington Fire Station, 330 Lake street South Wilmington
Verona Fire Station, 504 Division street Verona
Braceville Fire Station, 101 IL-53 Braceville
911 Center, 78 W. Lowery road Morris