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Sheriff Update 2/23/2020

Grundy County Sheriff’s updates continued:

2019 Accomplishments

Updated Technology

Sheriff’s Office command staff now have the capability and are utilizing Critical Incident Messaging/ CAD Push where command staff members receive an instant text message on their cell phones whenever a high priority or critical incident call is dispatched.

Monitors have been installed in the deputy squad room to allow call visibility, RMS accessibility, Messaging, deputy location and updated weather forecasting.

Deputies have each been issued a digital voice recording device and can take audio statements on scene. These statements are now being utilized in court proceedings.


Four shotguns have been modified to less than lethal shot guns. Each of the four patrol sergeants will be utilizing these weapons for emergency situations. Less than lethal shotguns disperse bean bag rounds versus lethal 12ga ammunition.

Security System alarms were installed in all marked patrol vehicles to increase security measures pertaining to county owned equipment.

Social Media and Community Relations

On December 1, 2018, the Sheriff’s Office had a social media following of approximately 7300 people. The Sheriff’s Office relies on social media to help distribute information to the community. By taking a light-hearted, humorous approach engaging in social media; we choose to humanize the role of “Deputy Sheriff” to the community. We find that this approach is proving to be beneficial; as our social media following has jumped to nearly 17,000 individuals who follow the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Pertinent and time sensitive information such as; traffic alerts, road closures, weather updates, missing persons, fugitive lists and community Crimestoppers information is relayed to the community using social media messages. Information received via social media interaction with the public has led to the location of fugitive individuals, crime suspect identification, and the location of missing persons. Our use of social media allows information to disperse quickly as it is often shared amongst other community agency and resource social media pages.

LYFT Rideshare Transportation Program

The Sheriff’s Office was able to secure a grant from the National Sheriff’s Association. This grant is being used in cooperation with “LYFT Rideshare” and “Breaking Away”, to provide transportation to the victims of domestic violence. This program will assist in transporting victims to court dates, shelters, and out of immediate danger.

Additional K9 Unit Added to Patrol Division

A new K9 unit was added to the patrol Division at a cost of $15,000. No tax payer dollars were used for the purchase. Generous donations and drug asset forfeiture funds were used to fund the purchase. K9 Ryker is assigned to Deputy Wojciechowski. The two trained together through the month of May and passed their state certification exam in July of this year. Ryker has already earned his spot amongst the deputies.

K9 Ryker is a narcotic detection and tracking dog. K9 Ryker and Deputy Wojciechowski work a 3pm-3am shift to allow a K9 unit to be accessible to both day and nighttime shifts.

New Part time Deputy

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Office hired Deputy Zachary Spesia as a part-time Deputy. Deputy Spesia is attending the 560 hour part-time police academy through MTU 6 and the Illinois Valley Crime Prevention Commission. We are very proud of this accomplishment as Deputy Spesia started with the Sheriff’s Office as a Sheriff’s Police Explorer, with the original core group of explorers established in 2013. Deputy Spesia’s academy tuition is not utilizing any tax payer dollars as his tuition was paid for through the Sheriff’s Police Explorer Program.

In the future, upon graduation, Deputy Spesia’s part time deputy position will help to alleviate overtime costs for hireback personnel by covering patrol shifts when deputies are off on sick, personal or vacation leave. Deputy Spesia is currently working in the role of part-time deputy/ civil process server.

Road Side Safety Check

On May 24, 2019, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office conducted its first road side safety check in over 15 years. Deputy Greg Butterfield took the initiative to research, organize, and plan the event. The event was funded by an Illinois Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Grant for increased holiday traffic enforcement.

Given that the Sheriff’s Office had not conducted a road side safety check in over 15 years, this was a successful accomplishment for the Sheriff’s Office and for Grundy County.

Over 300 cars were stopped through the checkpoint resulting in DUI arrests, child passenger safety seat violations, seat belt violations, and open alcohol/illegal transportation of alcohol citations.

We are truly humbled by the overwhelming support we received from the community and the motorists who were stopped. Social media feedback was very positive. Numerous motorists thanked us during their stop for our efforts and efficiency; stating the safety check was done in a safe and timely manner.

Three additional safety checks were conducted in July and August to remind motorists of the deadly effects of impaired driving.