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Sheriff’s Update 3/9/21

As promised, to keep each of you updated on the changes and updated on accomplishments made in 2020 in your Sheriff’s Office.

2020 Accomplishments


With COVID-19 restrictions training for our police officers changed. We could not send our staff to our state funded mobile field training centers as they shut down due to COVID restrictions. Our decision in 2019 to get in-house staff certified as instructors we were able to continue with training in house. This decision is proving to be beneficial, not only is it saving the county money on travel expenses and overtime costs, it allowed us to continue training when other sites were shut down. Currently the entire patrol division has met all mandated training requirements set forth by the Illinois Law Enforcement and Training Standards Board (ILETSB).

Firearms Training:

In October 2020, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office held its first night shoot/low light training session in over 10 years for both patrol and corrections division. Over half of our department works the mid-night shift and it is a must for our staff to train with their firearms during low light conditions. We didn’t stop there; the training expanded from basic qualifications to include building searches, high risk traffic stops, and scenarios involving multiple offenders. This necessary training proved to beneficial and fulfilled an overdue mandate set forth in Popow V City of Margate (US 1979), which designates law enforcement training liability in Use of Force circumstances indicating law enforcements requirement to train in low light situations.

Structured Interview of Violence Risk Assessment certification:

Deputy Sean Wojtczak obtained his certification in SIRVA-35 through the National Association for Behavioral Intervention Team Association. This is a 35-question guided and structured interview, partnered with a Risk Rubric to assess individuals’ intentions and severity that may pose a threat to the community. This will greatly assist our Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams in our schools to address threats made or concerning actions demonstrated by individuals in and around our schools.

Updated Technology:

Sheriff’s Office command staff are utilizing Critical Incident Messaging where command staff members receive an instant text message on their cell phones whenever a high priority or critical incident call is dispatched. This ensures command staff are aware of these types of calls 24/7/365 even when they are not at the office.


Twelve Axon TASERS were purchased in 2020. One TASER is assigned to the jail, one to the courthouse, and the other 10 are utilized by our patrol division. This less than lethal tool has proven to be beneficial in subduing suspects who fight or resist arrest to minimize injury to our officers and those arrested.

Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge Award:

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office received a 1st place award from the Illinois Chiefs of Police for its outstanding traffic safety enforcements. In addition to the award we also received a complete radar unit and light bar for a squad car with an approx. value of $5000.00.

More to follow in the upcoming weeks.

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